The Heritage Management e-Society “HERMeS” is a newly established non-profit organization created to record, save, manage, and disseminate the tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage of a place, in all its forms and manifestations with the help of technology and digital applications. HERMeS participates in domestic and European programs, research, and actions on cultural heritage. It organizes workshops, seminars, exhibitions, and educational activities with the target audience while collaborating and cooperating with professionals and organizations forming a dynamic registry of scientific associates, advisors, and members.


Dipylon is a non-profit organization for the study of ancient topography and the cultural environment through interdisciplinary research on Archaeology, History, Informatics, and Cartography. We are interested in the collection, organization and dissemination of published archaeological material, archival documents, and cartographic data to promote cultural assets using digital technology. Dipylon’s general interests lie in the multiple layers of habitation of a place, the diachronic evolution and the transformations of urban space. Currently, our efforts focus on the study of the topography of ancient Athens and Attica.



MONUMENTA is a civil non-profit company aiming at the protection of the natural and architectural heritage of Greece and Cyprus. Established in 2006, MONUMENTA’ s activity consists of, among others, research and educational programmes, interventions for the protection of sites and historical buildings and public awareness campaigns (guided tours, public discussions, e-magazine, book publications). MONUMENTA’ s pivotal initiative launched in 2013 and focused on the recording, documentation and designation of all the surviving or demolished, 19th & 20th century (1830-1940) buildings of Athens. In this context, hundreds of oral histories have been collected along with accompanying documents ( i.e. photographs, files, architectural plans). All the above findings constitute a precious knowledge repository for historical buildings.


Ο Εκδοτικός Οίκος ΜΕΛΙΣΣΑ εκδίδει επιστηµονικές εικονογραφηµένες εκδόσεις επικεντρωµένες σε θέµατα ελληνικού πολιτισµού µε εξειδίκευση σε βιβλία (ελληνικά και ξενόγλωσσα) στους τοµείς της τέχνης, αρχιτεκτονικής, αρχαιολογίας, ιστορίας και ελληνικής παράδοσης από το 1956. Έχει λάβει βραβεία από την Ακαδηµία Αθηνών και από οργανισµούς του εξωτερικού για τις άρτια επιµεληµένες του εκδόσεις. Έχει συνεργαστεί µε µεγάλους εκδοτικούς οίκους του εξωτερικού όπως ο FABBRI, ABRAMS, GETTY, MoMA.


We are working on the central management of data and information related to space. Our aim is to support common operational picture, decision making and provision of modern e-services for the professionals and the citizens. We are developing central spatial data infrastructures (SDIs) in which data access is performed using web services based on open standards (OGC, ISO, Inspire). That way we can support vertical applications in thematic areas like the environment, urban management, cultural heritage and energy.
In our approach we utilize free and open source software and tools (FOSS). Our flagship product GET SDI PORTAL, a framework for the development of Spatial Data Infrastructures, is entirely developed by us and it is also an open source software available under the GPL3 license.


COMMONSPACE is a collaborative – interdisciplinary planning and design group that works since 2012. The wide range of commonspace’s members and associates create a network of experts and scientists involved in Urban and Spatial planning and Environmental Management, combining research work and study projects. So far, the network has collaborated with Universities, Educational Institutions, Public Benefit Institutions, Municipalities, Regional Governments, NGOs and various Enterprises. We have designed and fulfilled projects, studies and programs funded by various public and private institutions. Furthermore, we have developed scientific work and voluntary action on issues related to urban conflicts and social movements, (critical) sustainable development and environmental protection.